Suggest good shampoo and conditioner that makes the hair smooth and shiny

My Hair Type is 2B. It is very dry and Frizzy. Please suggest some good shampoo which makes the hair smooth and silky. also suggest some tips to increase the length of hair.

1 Answer

Hello Llakkia,I use plain old L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, and it does not provide any shine or smoothness. As soon and I use cold water for rinsing out my hair it adds smoothness and shininess. :) Cold water keeps your hair cuticles closed, and that prevents damage. As for hair length, a healthy diet with lots of protein should help you. Good luck!P.S, I brush my hair 4-5 times a day (2a). I'd suggest you do the same, 100 strokes each time. :)