Suggestions on products for my type?

I started the CG method in July and am having growing pains. Some days I look like a 2C/3A other days barely a 2B.  I've watched a ton of videos and read a ton of blogs and spent way too much money on product and have inconsistent results.  I can't figure out the protein/moisture balance for my hair and never know what it will look like.  Some days limp with product build up, some days almost spiral curls, other days dried out stretched out waves.  I'm attaching several images.  I *think* I am a true 2B with low porosity medium density coarse hair.  My hair holds water overnight if I plop or about 3-4 hours if I air dry.  My best hair day was with Aloe Vera gel, but continued use caused dry hair, which could just be me not knowing how to keep my hair moisturizer properly and not the aloe Vera gel.  Thank you SO much in advance for any insight!

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