After a summer of fun, what are the best ways to revive and fortify curls against colder weather?

6 Answers

It depends on how much exposure to UV, chlorine and pollition the hair recieved right? Since the winter/fall has drying winds, moisturizing rates need to slightly rise.. Protein treatments etc should help as well. And some good oils to coat (and seal leave ins)  the hair from the agressive climate.
I recommend a mask, deep conditioner, & LOC method. 
Definitely switch to creamy, moisturizing products that help repair the strands and prepare them for the winter. I always switch to cream gels, and I use slightly heavier deep conditioners to make sure my hair is recovered from the heat. 
I co wash to better maintain moisture.  I switched to replenishing conditioners, mask, things that go maybe a little step above a regular or sometimes deep conditioning under a dryer 10-20 min before rinsing.  A semi thick leave in with argon oil (but not weighing down).
I avoid products with glycerin during the very dry and cold weather (NE Ohio), but can still use glycerin products during the fall.  The glycerin has to be in the last third of ingredients for me to use at all.  I also start thicker leave-in moisture products, slightly increase amount of argon to seal, and deep condition every week instead of every other week, decreasing the amount of protein during the winter.
This is going to be my first winter with natural hair, I did not know I had to change techniques during the winter! Im already deep conditioning twice per week, I think that is enough right?