Not sure how to manage my half straight, half wavy/curly hair?

When I was a kid my hair used to be very very short and very curly. Since I have a round face, I realised I didn't like the short hair on me anymore and I started to grow it out. It has grown so much over the years (just a tad longer than shoulder length), but now it's straight on the top and wavy/curly underneath! My hair is also thick and poofy. I always wear it on the one side because it looks less poofy and more curly and the straight parts aren't really noticeable as much. But I want to wear it on both sides but it looks really poofy and I don't like it. Since my hair is thick, I was thinking of thinning out my hair and maybe it would look less poofy and thick? But I am very afraid of cutting or anything like that to my hair because I really don't want to lose the length or for it to look worse! My hair is also pretty dry at the ends, it's a bit damaged, but I'm trying to nourish that with hair masks and stuff. I don't really use any heat in my hair either. I do braid the top part of my hair or all of my hair at night to sort of make the straight parts in my hair more wavy, and to also not get knots when I'm sleeping. But I just don't know how to manage or take care, style my half straight/curly, thick, poofy hairAny ideas?

1 Answer

Thinning the hair out might not go so well, when I did it it was awkward as it grew out. BUT it was AMAZING to remove the bulk of the hair. It frizzed more for me as it settled and evened also made my hair seem curlier. What you might need is a layered cut. Something that will remove some weight (Long hair causes the hair on the scalp stretch) and give better curl definition.Keep up the good work in moisturizing and caring for your hair. Braiding at night is what I do sometimes too. When I undo the braids I add an oil or creme so it doesn't frizz as much.Turn to youtube for hairstyles, not only can you find someone with hair similar but you can see how they style and look after their hair.