Not sure if this is the place for this but just wondering if I have a good routine?

I wash my hair every 2-4 days. On those days, I shower with Loreal's sulfate free shampoo for curls, and use just a random conditioner. I get out, wrap my hair in a T shirt for a little while until it's not dripping, then I add my products.I use Coily Custard, leave in conditioner from Shea Moisture, Pantene's Curl Mouse, and 'Curly Gel' which is just gel. ( I don't use these all at the same time haha, I rotate. Usually I do Shea Moisture-->MouseCoily Custard--> GelCoily Custard--> Moose or however you spell itor finally Shea Moisture--> GelI also  have this product from Bed Head that a stylist recommended called Motor Mouth that I also rotate in. I then do all this and scrunch, and then I let my hair air dry. My hair is then nice and pretty for the rest of the day.I pineapple, but that never works. I use silk shower caps, but that never works. Basically I just throw my hair into a ponytail and sleep on it, then I use water in a spritz bottle to attack the frizz. I usually wear ponytails and buns until the next wash day because my curls are now squished and less pretty.I deep condition every 2-4 weeks, where I apply coconut oil and olive oil & let sit for 2 hours. That usually makes my hair quite easily manageable and soft for a week. Can I do this more often? I saw Curly Nikki wrote an article on over-conditioning so I got concerned. Thanks.. 

2 Answers

Seems you really care for your curls like me, you try to use sulphate free products too which is good. Pineappl'ing' annoyes me too,so I put my hair in a loose ponytail to try and not stretch my curls. I then twist hair lightly and tuck it into a bun, something you might want to try. I don't deep condition as much as you for the honest reason as I can't be bothered lol. But I do recommend you look at the DevaCurl products are they are completely sulphate, silicon and paraben free, ever since I used they're products my hair never felt better, and it helps keeps hair in the shape it is in, then being squished or changed. Hope this helps. 
If it works for you, then it is a good routine.