can't manage my hair?

I'm a man and I have this loose curly hair, it's like about 7 inch (18cm) now. I'm so confuse and can't really figure out what happen to my hair. My hair was so frizzy and unmanageable. It tend to stands up and stick out separately to every direction like crazy (see the picture below). I already started to use sulfate & silicone free shampoo & conditioner like about 2 weeks now. I also deep conditioned my hair every week, and do ACV rinse. Is my hair normal? because when i see most people with curly hair and their hair tend to stick together and created one nice curl, but mine doesn't. please help me, I will appreciate any opinions

1 Answer

it looks normal to me. Maybe you could brush it down but I think that's just how your hair is. I like it, it's unique