Can't retain hair growth at all.

So I've been natural for about 2 - 3 years but before that it was permed. Last year I trimmed the ends of my hair removing the permed and broken ends.Since then I've not been able to retain any hair growth. When taking out my hair there's a lot of breaking and knots. I really want my hair to grow but I don't know how to help it anymore I'm lost.I normally keep it in an up bun or weave or single plaits. I comb my hair almost everyday because it's too thick to just leave alone the back of my hair is probably a 4c and the front 4b.I don't want to make it too long but I feel like my hair can't grow.I would appreciate if I could get some advice on how to make it grow keep it moisturised a regime idk but I do feel some type of way when I see people with major 1 year growth and mine can't reach past shoulder lenghThank you for taking your time to read and help me.

1 Answer

Your hair is probably really dry if it keeps breaking at the ends, deep condition every time you wash it, use a leave in conditioner when styling and follow up with an oil to seal in the moisture and then put whatever curl defining cream you want ( this is the LOC method ), use an oil like coconut oil and put that on your ends the night before you wash it and sleep with it in, this will help moisturize your ends. Also sleep with a silk/satin bonnet or on a silk/satin pillowcase this with help so that your ends don't rub on the cotton and cause dryness and knots. Trim your hair whenever knots start appearing. Look into the LOC method, it works well for tighter curls. I use it and I have 3b/3c VERY dry hair and its the only thing that really keeps it moisturized.