After taking my hair out of my box braids my hair has been impossible to take care of?

okay so I am currently 14 years old. And since 2011 I was straightening my hair until maybe the beginning of 2014 because I was realizing how bad by hair was. Now this June 2014, I put box braids in my hair in an attempt to let it grow and for me not to tamper with it. I took care of them and now, on Monday I took them out and everything seemed fine until I wanted to wear my hair down curly. I noticed an unbelievable frizz at my root. I don't know if it's new growth and just looks different because I haven't put heat on it but I cannot control my hair! I never can really but this time it's horrible. I just want to know what it is and what's wrong with my hair because it's a super frizzy mess (ONLY AT THE ROOT).

3 Answers

Sorry about that. If it is frizzy only at the root then really sounds like new growth. If it is new growth then you have nothing to worry about, you should be happy your hair is growing like you wanted. good luck dear!
Sounds like it is new growth, AKA your hair is the "transitioning phase". This can be "solved" by really just one thing-- big chopping. That means completely cutting off your straightened, damaged hair so that your healthy, curly hair can grow out properly.. Now if that's too short for your liking, I'd suggest trying another protective style like box braids, but focusing on oiling your scalp, cleansing it once a week with a non-harsh sulfate-free shampoo, and deep conditioning once your protective style is out, once a week as well.