Teenager with thinning edges! Due to headbands??

teenagers edges are thinning ! Someone told her its due to her wearing headbands ( she wears them everyday ) and other says it's due to the gel she uses ( eco styler olive oil gel). She also used to use hydrogen peroxide for her skin ( silly girl) which turned the hair on her face organge (could that be the cause ? It's no longer orange) she also slicks back her hair with a hard bristle brush regularly.  I got her to use castor oil today but it's not the black one... Does it matter ? Attached are before and after pictures. She doesn't know when it started to thin ( not good with noticing changes in her body)! Please any remedies , advice or tips links to videos email to [email protected] or reply !

1 Answer

ok so many red flags popped up that are causes to this problem. First, constant wearing of headbands in the same spot restricts oxygen. Remember hair follicles need to breathe just like the rest of the pores on our body. Second, using a tough bristle brush will abosolutely take your edges out over time. Because the hair along the hairline is so delicate to begin with so using a brush meant for coarser and denser hair will destroy edges. If you need to lay edges down for any reason use a baby tooth brush and some edge control paste. My advice is to leave your edges alone. Massage them every evening with some a carried oil and rosemary oil. An alternative to homemade oils are Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir oil or Alikay Naturals 17 Essential Growth Oil. Also THe Honey Hair Mimosa works well to smooth edges down when dampening/misting edges with water. But all in all let your edges be :)