Can anyone tell what are causes of matted hair. This is my main problem and I still can't solve it..

2 Answers

For me , its a combo of things. My hair is fine 2b and long. The hair underneath tangles and gets matts sometimes. Its a combo of long hair, dryness, split ends, and friction on my clothes , and or moving my head lot. Moisturizing my hair , good condtioners with slip , and lightly silicone serums like argan seem to help me. Hope this helps. I feel your pain, literally Ive felt it. Its sucks, lol.
I totally agree with countrygurl.It can be so many factors. Detangling problems, length, curl pattern, how much hair you have (density), the products you're using (are the alcohol heavy and drying), if your hair Has a dry issue, are you sleeping on it, do you have heat damage damage in general or split ends, friction on clothing or your pillow etc. There are so many reasons why this could be happening. You'd have to do a self hair-care evaluation (totally just made that phrase up on the fly lol) to see what it boils down to for you personally. After you do that, it'll be 100x easier to find out how to Stop it.