Has anyone else had a texture change whilst being natural?

When I first went natural, I experienced an immense amount of dryness and frizz. I had a lot of "bad" hair days than "good hair days". Whenever I tried any product, no matter what it is, it would just sit on top of my hair and it would shrink. I did more research on it and found that it was because my hair was low porosity. I then started to find out ways to infuse moisture in my hair, and I discovered the max hydration method. I did the method religiously for 3 months and found the crazieste difference in my hair. My 4a hair went from a cotton texture, that was prodominately dry and frizzy to soft, bouncy defined curls that had more hang and was silky. I could finally do a wash and go without my hair feeling nasty and sticky. My hair was looking fantastic and I knew it because I was flowed with comments on how great my hair was, constantly asked "What I did to my hair to make it look like that".It has been a year since I have done the MHM and my curls are still poping to the gods. It is still soft defined and shiny and my hair looks beautiful. I might start introducing clay masks to my hair again.It took me 2 years to realise that my hair needed one thing: moisture. So is hair texture a hair state? Can anyone have a certain hair texture depending on how they treat it? Has anyone else experienced this?

2 Answers

this is normal. When u first big chop ur hair is still getting used to things. My hair was first frizzy and only a few strands were defined and curly. A couple of months later I had trained it to start being more defined by also using the MHM
CG METHOD did the same for my 3c/4a strands. I had no idea my hair could be so defined. Its beautiful.