Thick Wavy/Curly Hair Not Curling?

Hello!I've tried PT treatments, homemade FSG, AVG, ACV rinses, baking soda/brown sugar scrubs - but all to no avail. I'm now trying to get into using no-heat stylers (braids, twists, pinning up my hair, etc.) and so far the braids & twists seem to give me ok results.I'm wondering if it's the hairstylist, because right now my hair length is only shoulder length (a little past my shoulders) but it's already not curling. In the past it would have to be bra strap length before the curl disappeared. I'm guessing this happens because my hair is so course and thick. I'm considering just getting a haircut w/ more layers+wavy/curly bob.Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! :)Hairtype: 2c - course, thick, high porosity, and likes protein.Cleansing: Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying ShampooRinse Out: Sukin Protein ConditionerLeave-In: (before it was 3 pumps of the Sukin condish, but now it's) Akin Al'chemy Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-In Conditioner

1 Answer

I think your instincts are right on the money... using no-heat stylers will probably help a lot! Sometimes our hair can change curl pattern as life goes on. For example, mine used to be 3c with a few 4a areas when I was a kid, then it softened out to more like 3b when I hit puberty. I was back to 3c while I was pregnant and now it's mostly 3b. It might also be the cut. You are right if you get it cut shorter it will probably curl more because there's less weight. With summer right around the corner maybe it would be a good time to try a shorter cut! :)