Do you think that people with protein sensitive hair should steer clear of protein altogether?

My hair is protein sensitive, but it's also fine and coily, meaning that it's quite prone to breakage.  It seems to freak out whenever I use protein (mad tangles), but I'd be lying if I said that the protein didn't make my hair stronger.  I've only done two protein treatments over the last year, and I'm thinking that I won't ever touch another one.  Is my aversion to protein not something that a professional would recommend?

3 Answers

are you getting product recommendations from your stylist or these are based on your own research? protein treatments help with breakage due to excessive heat damage or chemical abuse. if you treat your hair properly with curl friendly products, get regular trims (every 3 months) and maintain healthy hair, you should not "need" protein treatments. it makes a huge difference on the type of treatments you apply to your hair. if you use too much protein it could lead to dry hair that could cause breakage. i also recommend my curly girls to apply a heavy moisturizing mask instead of a protein based conditioner. it can't hurt to do a protein treatment once in a while as long as it's curl friendly. you can read my blog to learn about proper product use.
hey have you tried all natural PROTEIN SENSITIVE treatments? Naptural85 does a really good one that uses stuff found in your kitchen. A protein treatment is needed depending on your hair like you said your hair is prone to breakage this could be because you are detangling wrongly or your hair lacks elasticity that you can repair using protein treatments. However if you feel they really don't work for you then I suggest deep conditioning MORE often and using pre poo techniques way more often. This will help put moisture back in your hair that may also help with the breakage issue. I would like to point out that if you're using aphogee protein treatment and trying to comb through like the box instructs it's near impossible because of how hard it gets the hair if that's what you're doing and that's why your experiencing BREAKAGE and TANGLES stop it. Leave your hair alone and just wash it. I hope this helps.
My hair is also a 4a (I think) and  back in the day I used to use Queen Helene protein treatment. Do you remember that stuff? I haven't seen it in forever but it always made my hair so silky. Maybe if they still sell this product, you can use that?