When and how many times do I need to brush my hair?

today I cowashed and Finger brushed my hair in the shower.then,I combed out my hair with a wide tooth brush and put in leave in conditioner.my hair didn't have a good curl or wave pattern .am  doing this right ? I'm a 2c hair and I wanna know when should I brush my hair and what to do when I get out of the shower

1 Answer

Hi Amber, It really depends on what your hair likes. It sounds like you didn't like the results of brushing twice: once in the shower, and once out. I recommend only combing your hair in the shower. Once you are out, I wouldn't touch it. You don't want to over-brush your hair, especially when it's wet, because that is when the hair is the most fragile. What I like to do is finger comb my hair in the shower with conditioner in it. The conditioner helps me detangle. Then I don't touch it.Out of the shower, I dry it with a microfiber towel (or you can use a t-shirt) and scrunch it from bottom to top to get all the excess moisture out. I don't comb it then. If I comb it out of the shower my hair will never curl right. I hope that helps. Try it out and let me know how you like it!