Any tips for 2c/3a hair?

I've been noticing as my hair grows out, it's becoming more prone to damage and frizz. I use organic products and swore off heat styling a long time ago. But I can't escape split ends! What do I do? My hair is slightly layered and extremely thick. I've been reading about cowash ing and plopping or pineappling, but honestly? I'm overwhelmed. I don't want to hide my natural texture. I want to embrace my big, thick curls. I just dont know the right methods and products to use. Anyone with course, thick hair like mine with a little insight? Routines, products, and other tips would be super duper appreciated.

2 Answers

Ok, first things first, cut off your split ends. Either go to a barber and be super firm about, "only the split ends," or try and figure out how to do it yourself :). Second, make sure you're moisturizing your hair enough. Deep condition about once a week, I'd say, focusing on the ends. Do you know what porosity you have? For my low porosity hair, leave ins aren't great, they don't do much, and just coat the outside, so I rely heavily on deep conditioners, but if you have high porosity, you should definitely be using leave ins and oils. You have to make sure that all your moisture doesn't abandon you in the middle of the day! Also, what are you looking for? Less frizz, more definition, more volume, more moisture? What's your main goal here?
I think I have low porosity hair because it takes a while to soak and to dry. I have plenty of volume normally. After washing my hair with only conditioner though, it defined my waves but they looked weighed down. I would love to have more curls but I mostly just desire moisture. Once I have my hair grown out long, I'd hate to have to cut it because it's simply unmanageable. Healthy is my goal :) I suppose I would say. Thank you for replying as well