Tips for 3c/4a, low porosity colored hair?

I try brushing and combing my hair when I have conditioner in it. It takes away my curls and they don't come back until I wash it again. Products sits on my hair even when apply heat, my hair sheds like crazy and my ends are fizzy, lastly my hair is tangled with knots and dreads forming! I'm starting to give up but I don't want to. My hair is also very very thick. Coarse... Please help!! And do I moisturize my hair everyday or not?

1 Answer

Wowerz. You should definitely detangle in sections, pre poo with coconut oil to loosen any knots, and wash in sections. I have a similar hair type and a very thick and dense hair; working in sections saves from the horror of ripping through with a comb. Also start with finger detangling instead of a brush or comb first. For the low porosity try steaming your hair to open up the cuticles, deep condition and use color safe products to preserve your hair color and health. If you moisturize well on wash day you should be good for a day or two. However spritzing your ends and adding a little oil or product will help retain moisture throughout the days.