Tips for length retention?

This my second time going natural and while I was able to achieve shoulder length, unlike the first time I won't be having any help on my journey. Can anyone give some tips for healthy hair and length retention?

1 Answer

This was a tough realization 4 me 2 make myself, but I know now that I must protective style a lot, AND trimming is necessary too. I almost died when my mom told me she must trim it, but its true. ALSO, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  What I do is LOC, then twist my hair into about 6 large sections on each side of my head and french braid the twists on each side. This way,  when I keep the french braids in for a week or so, the moisture is locked inside the twisted hair and all I have to do is spritz with an oil mix and leave in conditioner each day.