Total newbie to taking care of curly hair!

I'm in desperate need of help. I'm half Jamaican and have curly hair (obviously) but I have no idea how to care for it. I don't have contact with the Jamaican side so never recieved any tips and all my family and friends have naturally straight hair. I believe my type of hair is 3b spirally. I just use normal shampoo and conditioner from loreal or anything my mum uses and I use leave in conditioner. I know my hair routine needs to be drastically changed as my hair is super frizzy and coarse. At the crown of my head my roots constantly become matted no matter what I do. It's also always knotty. I wash and brush it in the shower about 3 times a week any less and my hair becomes really greasy and like I said majorly matted to the point where I can barely get a brush through it without ripping half my hair out. Any help would be really appreciated on any types of products I should be using and how to change up my routine so I can have semi stress free hair. I'll also include a picture of my hair if that's any help! 

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hey im also half Jamaican and have 3b/3c hair washing your hair 3 times a week is probably a bit to much dont get me wrong everyone is different however give cowashing a chance cowashing is when you just use a conditioner to cleanse. Its also the best time for detangling your hair never detangle hair dry. My spray bottle is my best friend. Also maybe look into getting a sulfate free shampoo it will ve alot more gentle on your hair. Since you dont use alot of heavy products theres no need for such harsh detergents. Once out of tue shower dry your hair with a old tshirt instead of a towel it will minimize frizz.  Then go ahead and use your leave in conditioner. Then you want to seal that moisture in so it doesnt escape try using olive oil or coconut oil as they both penatrate and seal the hairr shaft. Check out youtube and the rest of this site. I found sunkissalba on youtube very  helpful. Good luck in your hair journey enjoy every day of it.☆Follow me on [email protected]☆ 
I agree with tokesgreen. I'm a 3b as well and I cowash about 2 times a week. I used to wash it every day and ripped chunks of hair with my brush. So something additional, throw out your regular brush because you're actually brushing out the curl pattern and replace it with a wide tooth comb. Only use it on wet, conditioned hair, use a hand full if necessary. Start detangling at the ends of your hair, be gentle and use more conditioner/detangler if the knot won't work with you. Work your way up to the roots when the knots in the bottom are gone, starting at the roots will only make your hair tangle or break unnecessary. Sunkissalba has lots of information, and is a 3b is well! Good luck
That's very exciting. I'm glad you're accepting your natural hair! I recommend going to Youtube and finding a favorite hair vlogger to follow. There's tons of lovely ladies out there who give great advice. Here's an article: luck on your hair journey!