Tried pineapple at night (3c), but wake up with stringy hair in the back. Fix? or another solution?

In addition the hair tie I use leaves a dent in my hair. I already sleep with a satin pillow case so I just need a way to sleep with my hair and not wake up with a frizzy mess.

2 Answers

that happens to me all the time.What I do is take out the pineapple , and step in the shower and let my hair absorb the moisture and humidity from the hot water but I don't get my hair wet , if that makes sense.I don't put my hair under the water , but I let it absorb all the steam from the shower . It reverts my hair back to being curly Hope this helps ! 
You could always use a hand held steamer if the shower things doesn't work every morning.  They are pricey but might be worth it. Also if you aren't doing a wash and go... you can re-briad or re-twist your hair before bed and sleep on it like that.