Is it true that brushing hair damages curls?

I've read on some websites that naturally curly girls should never brush their hair. However, other sites claim that brushing your hair gently before bed helps distribute natural oils and reduce frizz. Some sites recommend using a specific type of brush. I believe my hair type is 2c/3a and reaches a little past my shoulder blades. I am constantly fighting frizz. How has brushing affected others with curly hair?

2 Answers

I have 2c hair and I find that brushing gives me frizz and messes up my curl definition. I have found that the best method for my hair is to use a wide tooth comb in the shower when I have conditioner in my hair. I lose the least hair from breakage this way, and it also causes my waves to clump. It really depends on what works for you, if you find that your hair is less frizzy when you brush it then by all means use that method. For curly hair using a brush is going to separate the curls, so it makes most sense to do that when wet. It took me a few different combs/brushes and techniques to find the one I liked most. 
you'll end up with a poof ball brushing it dry but my friend with 3a/3b curls brushes her hair after washing it