Trying to Find Good Products for My Weird Texture

I'm not really sure how to type my hair correctly, but I'm narrowing it down to 2A/2B with medium density. My strands are more on the coarse side but I don't have a ton of hair. Because of this, air easily makes it way through my strands as it dries, which makes for major poof-factor. I'd say I have medium/high porosity as my hair sticks every which way in humidity. It's a bit frizzy and very dull in it's natural state. I don't mind silicones as I could use some help in weighing my hair down a bit. I'm not sure I'm up for trying the co-wash method, though, because I find that leaving conditioner in my hair (or going without shampoo) leaves it feeling grimy rather than soft or moisturized. I'd really like to keep the clarifying properties of shampoo but none I've tried work well with my waves.In other words, I'm looking to start properly maintaining my hair. What I'm aiming for is soft, defined, shiny hair. Any questions are welcomed and I'd greatly appreciate any help at all.The picture I've attached is a good example of how my hair behaves, but doesn't necessarily showcase my texture - it definitely gets much wavier than that.

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