Type 2a, low porosity, med density, fine hair and long. Loose hair when combing 2. What should I do?

need help with what products to choose and what methods to do when caring for my hair?

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Hey love, you already have the tools you need to figure out what you should use: knowledge. You know your hair is low porosity, this already means that your hair is most likely protein sensitive. If youre using a lot of products or a lot of one specific product that has protein in it, it will cause breakage and excessive dryness. Low porosity hair isnt ideal for protein because protein helps to seal in the gaps in the cuticle and close it. Low porosity hair is already "too closed" if you will, so that isnt ideal. Be careful with things with avocado, coconut oil, banana, and other protein infused things. Dont cut them out completely but be very wary and try to figure out if youre protein sensitive.Make sure you arent over-manipulating your hair. Your hair is fine which can be a recipe for disaster. I have high density hair but my hair is also fine. I had a problem with breakage from close to the root last year because I did not understand strand width. I was only looking at how much hair I had an I was being way too hard on my fine strands. I had to start using lighter products (just more of it to make up for my density) because it was weight down my hair and making it heavy and limp. It also was causing product build up. I also had to learn how to use less clips and tools and implement using my hands for detangling more often that my lovely denman brush. Pineappling my hair because even more essential in a sense that I needed to protect it at night. Fine strands break so much easier than medium and coarse strands. I needed to wrap with that satin lol.You can click this to learn what to use (with caution) on your long hair.You should stay away from heavy products. Since your hair is fine, it isnt high density, and it's low porosity and wavy with less bends and curves than curly hair, I suggest you use light products. Try leave in sprays rather than creams. Try hair milks for moisturizers rather than heavy creams or custards. Use light oils like grapeseed oil or jojoba oil, or tea tree oil to seal your hair. The LOC (leave in, oil, cream [that just means your moisturizer or styler - i.e. your hair milk]) to moisturize your hair. Do this on your wash days after you wash and condition your hair.Deep condition and condition your hair with heat. Heat will help raise that closed cuticle and help you to better keep that moisture in there. It isnt it getting out that's the problem its it getting in. DO not I repeat do NOT skip the heat. Condition with a plastic cap or bag or hooded dryer for at least 10-15 minutes. Since youre prone to product buildup, you should probably invest in a sulfate free shampoo. Cowashing and cleansing conditioners are not really the way to go. Click here for 4 products for low porosity hair.Click here for protein free moisturizerssss.I hope this helps love :)