Type 3A !!! HELP me fellow Curly Ladies!! :)

What products are best for Medium Course , Low porosity and High density? I am finally embracing my curls but need to know the products that are best for me. 

1 Answer

Because you're low porosity, you must stay away from silicones, polyquats, and heavy waxes. They will build up very easily. Also stay away from sulfates in your cleansers because they are extremely drying to the hair. Do some research on the curly girl method for more information on sulfates and silicones. Because you have med-coarse and high density hair, you won't need to worry too much about products weighing down your hair. You should need:1. Sulfate free cleanser or cowash (i love shea moisture shampoos)2. Conditioner (tresemme naturals is great, so is generic value products conditioning balm)3. Leave-in (rinse out conditioner can also be left in. I love kinky curly knot today though)4. Styling product. For you, I'd say a gel (LA Looks sport gel, herbal essences totally twisted)5. Sealing oil is recommended, but not required (I love jojoba and coconut)