What type of hair products should I use for type 2b 2c hair

hi , I have type somewhere between type 2b 2c and 3a hair it's kind of depends on how my hair decides to look that day lol. Anyways my hair is either greasy or dry and most days I just wear it up cuz it is usually a curly knot. I have tried dry shampoo , argon oil , so many different types of shampoo and conditioner including stuff without the chemicals in (I think it's was something like diva curl). I just really want cute defined curls however my hair comes out looking frizzy and puffy no matter what and I can't comb it I have to just run fingers through it or I loose my curls. I also forgot to mention I have really thick hair and at the moment it is shoulder length but usually it's longer. I would like to know some products I can try on my hair to style it and wash ? Also any tips on hair care like how to sleep with it , how to dry it and should I be doing any type of treatments on it ? One more thing sometimes my hair looks damaged but it's not like it's crunchy but not course ( it's really hard to explain ) I don't really ever use heat on it and I haven't had any color in two years. 

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