How do u care for severely damaged hair?

first off. My hair is severely damaged especially in the crown areas. Also, I live in the Caribbean the weather is so humid I'm always a frizzy ball. I have been trying really hard to care for my hair and to repair the damage but I don't know how. I've read countless blogs and advice but nothing seems to work for me. How can I find a step by step Plan or details of how to take care if it daily and how to manage it? 

1 Answer

First of all, why is it damaged? Are you using too much heat?1. Use protective hair styles2. Deep condition your hair 3x a week3. No heat whatsoever (blowdryers, straighteners, relaxers)       4. Do low manipulation hair styles like braids, cornrows etc 5. Sleep on a satin pillow case or a sleeping bonnet6. drink water and make sure you're eating good (Getting vitamins B, Folic acid, Vitamin c, Vitamin E)