would u recommend relaxing a toddlers hair due to senativity

my daughter has surgery on the back of her neck at 6 months old. Ever since then she has fought me about doing her hair. I have watched every video and brought numberious products for her mixed hair. I have even used olive oil. But we belive she is so tender headed that just me touching her hair makes her physically sick.  Do u think I should just put a relaxer on it to stop the pain she I going throw 

1 Answer

I, personally, wouldn't relax a toddler's hair... especially since it sounds like she's young? (I'm not sure how long this has been happening, but you mentioned she  was 6mo old when she had the surgery). Precautionary tale: I just read an article about a child who's hair was relaxed at 9 months and now has a bald patch at 3 so......I'm not sure that the relaxer would help with her being tenderheaded as. if it's that extreme, it would probably still bother her for you to style her relaxed hair.... not to mention the relaxer might burn her. I would just recommend trying to be gentler with her hair :\