ULTRA - baby fine - curly hair help!

I have somewhere between a 2c/3a type mega ultra fine hair. Kinda long - past shoulders curly. It's not *thinning* there are plenty of strands - though I do lose A LOT more then I think normal. Is say naturally I am a 3a, but closer to 2c with all the processing and heat I used to torture my hair with.It was overly processed for a long time, but has always been baby fine.What I need help with, is these curl types are *usually* thicker it says. Does not take to coloring or processing well - but mine is the total opposite. It takes processes and heat to straighten very very quickly. My under layer is curvier than top layer as well.I can't use products on my hair or I'm very oily by morning of day 2. I no poo/deep condition 2-3 times a week. Use a protector when I do straighten (super rarely) like once a month or less. Only brush when I have conditioner in it and that's with a wide tooth comb or fingers.I have outrageous frizz and just a mass mess on my head. I want to use some taming products, but know that I can't or I will have to wash more. (Dry shampoo left my hair brittle and very fragile) I know I need to cut a good amount off but I'm really dragging my heals on it. Does anyone have any advise to help me get my hair looking good that does not involve cutting it more than a trim?

1 Answer

Actually a trim may be the best place to start as dead hair and extra weight can have an effect on the how hair behaves with certain products. It sounds like you are doing all the "right" things so maybe its time to change or reevaluate your products. Maybe you should try more natural products like EVOO or coconut oil.