Unhappy with my natural hair... any advice?

A couple months ago, I cut off all my heat damage which was in the front and a little in the back of my  hair. I've been taking care of my hair a lot better since cutting off all of my damage, and it's quite healthy now. But I'm unhappy with my hair  because it's uneven. Since I cut the sides and front, it's A LOT shorter than the rest of my  hair. I can't wear my bangs or sides out  because they're so short. I  always have them pulled back. I know that it's my fault for damaging my hair and I shouldn't be unhappy because I did it. But I just don't know what to do. I'm glad my hair looks so much healthier now but I'm upset that it's so uneven when I try to wear it out. It doesn't look so great. Does anyone have any advice? I've been thinking of just cutting all my hair off and starting all over(big chop #2)Is that a bad idea?

2 Answers

Can you find a stylist to help you come up with a shapely cut that evens things out? 
When I first big chopped I had random short sections too. That's really another story for another day but I can say,  I didnt toil with long and short sections for a while. I just went to a salon and they cut my hair evenly. Best decision I ever made. If your hair is short in the front and long everwhere else and, like me, you dont have the patience or creativity to come up with ways to digueise it until it all matches, it might be time to chop it. Or if you dont like the idea of really short hair you can always braid it up and get a sew in. The only thing there is you will need to make sure your hair is mositurized and well taken care of while in that style.