Update on "How Do I Stop My Hair from Getting Matted at the Roots?"

Hi, This is more of an update to previous question I asked that can maybe help others who are suffering from the same problem. I was having an issue with dry and matted hair mainly at the roots and came to naturally curly for answers. First, let me start off by fixing some of the accidental inaccuracies from the answer I received. In the answer, the author said my hair looked like fine 4a coils from the picture, when in fact my hair is 3c curls with a little 4a mixed in and thick strands, however I will agree that my hair is indeed medium porosity. The majority of the answer I received was outlining protective styling as a way to combat the dryness, but I was more interested in combating the dryness in general rather than with just protective styling because I'm more of a wash n' go type girl. One thing the author put in that caught my eye was the issue of hydral fatigue, which is when one over conditions their hair and in turn causes it to actually become dryer than more moisturized. The more I looked into my routine after reading about hydral fatigue I realized the errors I was making- I conditioned too much: I was putting leave in conditioner in my hair almost daily instead of just at wash day. I also used conditioner as a product for protective styling. - I wasn't sealing with the right product: I was reading up on hair sealants, and it turns out I wasn't using one that was compatible with my type of hair. Fine hair can be sealed with just oil and thicker hair must be sealed with thicker products like creams and butters that contain oils in them. My hair has thick strands and I was sealing with just oil, which was too light weight for my hair, causing the moisture to leave my hair much faster. - I wasn't utilizing the use moisturizers: I was confusing the use of daily hair moisturizers with leave-in conditioner (which is why I was conditioning every day)- I was slacking on the detangling process: Detangling can definitely be an annoying part of natural hair but it is so important that this is done thoroughly. I was lazily detangling my hair, which in turn led to the annoying excessive tangling I experienced. The Way I Fixed It: With a lot of research and experimenting, I've revised and perfected my hair routine. - On wash day, I shampoo my scalp first, rinse, condition with Vo5, then thoroughly detangle from root to tip. - I towel dry my hair, spray with the aloe juice and water mix, and separate into four sections. Going one section at a time, I apply leave in conditioner and aloe vera gel. I then detangle again with the denman brush. I apply cantu curl activator cream, cantu coconut curling cream, and a little camille rose almond butter and shingle small sections within that section. - I then spray with heat protectant and diffuse until my hair is about 75% dry. Once its time for bed, I pineapple my hair and either use a bonnet, satin scarf, and sleep on a satin pillow case. - In the morning, I use oil to break the light gel cast left by the aloe or whatever product used, I spray with the aloe juice and water mix, fluff, maybe add some more curl activator cream depending on my mood, and sometimes stretch with the blow dryer. This way I can maintain my hair for at least a week. By my next wash day it is still as soft, shiny, and manageable as the first day. Hopefully this can help! P.S. Attached is a photo of my hair up-to-date. 

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