Anyone else only use oil moisturizers for their hair?

Hi,So everscince I was little I have only  used oil moisturizers to style my hair. I always used dark and lovely oil moisturizer to detangle and moisturize my hair. Even when I was relaxed I used oil moisturizers. I have tried the LOC Methiod, CG Methiod and nothing works accept oil moisturizers. I am transitioning and I have just gone back to only using oil moisturizers (and conditioner, deep conditioner, shampoo) but for my routine just oil moisturizers and sometimes a detangler. I am using the cantu oil moisturizer and it's the only thing that moisturizes my hair. Is this a big no no in the natural hair community? Does anyone else find that only oil moisturizers work? Any good oil moisturizers? Should I be using a leave in conditioner and then an oiled moisturizer? 

2 Answers

The oiled moisturizers I've used tend to be too thick for my hair. Try African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Hair Moisturizer. I use their Leave in Conditioner and it's the best at detangling and conditioning my hair. The only oil i use is castor oil, and I use it after I've washed my hair or mix it with my leave in conditioner in small amounts. My hair can't stand too much oil, or heavy butters but these two products aren't overwhelming. I think it's best to use a leave in conditioner with some natural oil like castor, olive, jojoba, keep things simple.
Shea oils for scalp and detangulor is really good for all hair type . Castor oil is and will always be one of my favorite oil moisturiser . After I shampoo and conditioner/ deep-conditioner i usually apply while hair is still wet , section in four and twist out . After that routine allow hair to dry and your hair should look and feel healthier and fabulous . Another all time favorite is coconut oil Coconut oil is probably the lightest oil that I've used in my hair , And dont forgot carol's daughter  (MEMOSA HAIR HONEY ) for dry brittle damage hair oil base is EXCELLENT !!  I love oil base moisturizers . My only problem is oil build up ......I shampoo and condition once a week . Or as nessory .