Do use protein treatments from root to tip , including scalp, or Not??

my hair needs some protein treatments, When applying the protein treatment , do I apply root to tip in- cluding my scalp? or only from ears down? My hair is very porous, loves protein. I would love to know of some to strengthen hair follicle also.....Thanks:)

1 Answer

I think that's different for everyone. My protein treatments are very moisturizing deep conditioners like Hask Keratin and the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil (which has some protein too). So, for my fine hair and oily scalp I don't get it too close. I apply it just like I would a regular conditioner where my hair tends to be drier --1-2" away from scalp. If you have dry hair allover go to the scalp. Just rinse well there.