been using gel, what product will hold my thick frizzy curly hair for 3 days?

i have type 3c hair I'm half Samoan so my hair is super thick and these thin products don't work only gel works but I really want something new something that will hold my hair like gel can but be able to make my hair fresh for a couple days because sometimes my hair gets so dry I have to wash it a lot . help plssss I've tried everything and nothing will keep my hair fresh and smelling good with no frizz for the 2nd & 3rd day without wash.

1 Answer

I put a couple stuff in my hair but focus more of it to the mid shaft of my hair to the ends. You can put argon oil, leave in conditioner, and your gel or styling cream. if you put the gel just scrunch your hard when its dry so it won't be hard and stiff. The following days I spray my hair with my own hair spritz to re wet my hair and reactivate the product I put in it the day before. I'm usually good after took me sooooo long to work with my frizzy wild hair. Hope this helps.