Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and also fairly new to being naturally curly :-) I`m really hoping someone will be able to help me out with a few questions. I live in Canada where it is not only cold this time of year but also quite difficult to find hair care products that work with natural curls. As this is on on-going feat for me, I am somewhat dreading my up-coming vacation lol because I`m still trying to narrow down what works at home. I will be going to Cuba at the end of this month and was hoping someone out there could suggest some hair tips for me (products, styles, etc.) I am dreading looking like a huge puffy mess with all the humidity. My hair rests on my shoulders when completely dry (tons of shrinkage) and am mostly a 3B with my crown area (most troublesome) I believe is a 3C. I have not straightened my hair over 8 months now but do use a hooded dryer and diffuser sometimes here at home. I was using the Deva Curl Defining Gel throughout the summer but now I`m finding it is too drying for me during the winter. Would this be something maybe recommended for a very humid climate? I also have the Shea Moisture Smoothie as well as the Milk, maybe one or both of these? Any other suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance for any help/information, ~Raquel

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OH boy! What a fun trip and an interesting challenge. How about Curl Keeper? It's always worked well for me against humidity.