between wash days?

My hair looks good when i use the wash n go method with shampoo and conditioner but i cannot do the same on a daily basis. So tell me how can i make my hair looks more frizz free and voluminous in between non wash days!

1 Answer

Hi! Do you use any products aside from shampoo and conditioner? Gel has really helped me achieve second-day hair, because it helps keep your curls defined. Also, how you care for your hair overnight is important. A lot of curlies like to do a "pineapple" (a very high ponytail) but I personally prefer to do a loose-ish bun. Do what works for you. I also sleep on a satin pillowcase- this is VERY important! My satin pillowcase prevents my hair from getting messed up overnight.In the morning, I take down my bun, then I take some water and mix it with a dime-size of my leave-in conditioner (Kinky Curly Knot Today) in my hands, smooth it over my hair, and scrunch. I do this to any frizzy areas in my hair. Hope I helped :)