On my wash days my hair appears dull, frizzy near roots, and a little dry why is that?

I've been natural for 3 1/2 years now i shaved my hair completely off and now I'm having some trouble. I noticed after dying my hair and bleaching it once that the curl pattern "fell" and are looser. i haven't dyed my hair in over a year now and everything seemed fine. Just recently about 3 months ago i noticed that my curls weren't as defined anymore like they use to be when i washed my hair. i changed my hair routine (due to my hair being dry) to washing/conditioning weekly deep conditioning weekly and moisturizing every other day. My hair is moisturized but for some reason my hair is frizzy/ doesn't form naturally(the curls). When i brush my hair with my denman brush my curls are perfect but my roots especially at the top(bang area) don't curl just the bottom portion which then leads me to finger coiling because my curls just won't curl!. another thing that i noticed is that when I'm doing the LOC method on my hair the product (cantu leave in conditioner) seems like it just sits there on top of the hair, in some sections it works( defined curl) well and then others it just sits on top of frizz and then theres a little curl at the bottom. i don't know what to do !!

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