How to wash my hair without matting?

When I wash my hair, I have to wash it in sections but it makes my wash days longer than it needs to be. When I wash my hair without it being in sections, my roots become matted. How can I wash my hair and prevent tangling without it being in sections?

1 Answer

I have the same problem with the section washing making things take longer on my wash day, and as much as I wanted to try and eliminate this step without tangly consequences, there was no way. BUT, u can still minimize time by using a different strategy when section washing. I now use two big sections with my hair parted down the middle on days I dont want it to take soooo long. However,  I must properly detangle b4 washing ( prepoo ) for this to work out well, and I usually use ponytail holders to keep the two big sections apart ( as theyll be too thick not to unravel from twists, plus braiding/unbraiding each section would be tedious ).