How often should you wash hair with scalp conditions?

Do I have to cleanse weekly because of my scalp condition or can I alternate with co-washing?my hair is type 3c, dense but also very fine, shoulder length and recovering from past relaxing and recent neglect. i am unsure of the porosity- it is often quite dry. I suffer from occasional itchy scalp. after the horrible realization that my relaxer would last longer than i thought i:-put it in a hat -never washed it (for a couple of years!! yikes)-had it cornrowed monthly for a year where creamy yellow buildup occurredI now scalp massage prior to shower, wash with cleanser (dr bronner's multi purpose soap) and then condition,I comb - rinse and I have just started the L.O.C method (water-coconut oil-aloe vera gel)my hair gets very dry, but I want to make sure my scalp is clean (It's occasionally quite itchy and because of my hair's density i can't see what's going on)- any solutions? 

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