Wash and go problems

I've been trying to perfect my wash and go but I've been having problems. My curls are dry,dead, not shiny, and are not curling the way they use to. I deep condition weekly and do protein treatment every 3-4 weeks. The curl pattern in the front is looser than the curl pattern in the back and when I do my wash and go, it is never defined and just becomes a frizzy mess. I've tried finger coiling and it doesn't really work all the time. My hair is defined when it's damp but once it dries it becomes big and frizzy (which might have to do with the fact that I live in Miami). I don't mind a little bit of frizz but if I have frizz in the beginning of the day, then my hair will have too much frizz by the end of the day and it won't last another day. Is there anything I can do or try to make it better? Also, is there a quick way to stretch my wash and go? In the pic, I'm the girl on the right :)

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Hey homegirl,Sorry that took a while. I got your answer on another question. Figured I'd just answer here. :) First, dry and dead curls probably need a trim. So get your ends cut to make sure they are at the healthiest state. Second, you might want to stop protein treatments especially if you are not sure if your hair is protein sensitive. Another thing is that too many protein treatments can cause serious breakage. So, I would cut that out for a while and just stick to non-protein deep conditioners. Be sure to check the ingredients. Ok so for wash and gos... wash and go are usually frizzier than other styles BUT you can partially eliminate frizz with the use of good products and my FAVORITE method, the LOC. Leave In, Oil, Cream. Once you have shampoo'd  or co-washed, conditioned, and detangled ends to roots, use a good leave in on damp hair, like Knot Today. I also really like Aphogee's spray leave in. Gently rake it through. Then grab your favorite oil. I like coconut oil but any oil (not serum or castor-- might be too heavy for you) will do. I usually tell people to avoid 'cones' but they are really great at keeping frizz at bay. So if you do use an oil with cones, get an oil that doesn't have them in the top 5 ingredients. Make sure its not the main ingredient. Focus on your ends and work the oil through. I usually avoid my roots but get up enough. Lastly, the cream. This step is essential in the winter. My fav curl cream varies. You just need a little. Layer the cream on top of the other products. Remember use just a little you don't want this stuff to weight your hair down. Now you can air dry or diffuse. Diffusing will cut the frizz even more. After that.... try not to touch your hair at all. Pineapple at night. If you're in a rush and really don't feel like doing ALL this ( i get it) then you gotta buy a good gel. Ouidad Humidity gel is PRICEY but it works. Also Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls  and As I AM Curly and Coily Defining Jelly. Still apply leave in and detangle but follow up with a  gel. This should work for your 3c hair. One other thing to think about is humectants Maybe the stuff you are using have ingredients in them that attract water... thus adding frizz to your hair. Here a good reads on humectants and anti- humectants. http://www.naturallycurly.com/search_results?q=hum...The LOC method should give you at least 3-4 days. I've gotten like a full week of wash and go before a cleaned my hair. Another method for stretching your WNG is to make sure you pineapple at night and sleep with a satin cap. Hope this helps. Let me know. I'll be here. BTW these are my favs http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/category/nikki-chanels-favorites/PS. You got a LOT of hair. I love it. You're beautiful.