Washing and hair care routine?

I think I'm 3b/c type hair and have constantly struggled to find a routine and products to keep my hair healthy. Nobody in my family has curly hair and the hot, humid Australian summer is killing me! My hair is dry and never seems to be oily, I think I should try co-washing but I'm unsure what product to use and routine to follow. I usually condition every day and wash once a week, but my hair is all frizz until two days after I've washed it. I'm also entirely unsure how to style it, I usually just let it air dry after a shower with leave in conditioner spray and scrunch in some curl cream when it's almost dry but it becomes very frizzy after a while and becomes no curl and just frizz on the top parts of my hair. I'm a newbie to the site and am obviously very very confused with how to care for my hair! I would really appreciate some advice :)

1 Answer

Your hair seems damaged and although conditioners do moisturize, they are full of chemicals, which will eventually further damage your hair. To strengthen, moisturize and add sheen to your hair, massage your hair with coconut or olive oil, soak in it for 30 minutes if you have short hair, an hour if you have medium/chest length hair and 90 minutes if you have really long hair (waist or below). Then, wash your hair with an organic/natural shampoo (the less chemicals you use, the more frizz will stop accumulating over time). Of course, not all natural shampoos are meant for everyone. Buy one that suits you. But don't buy one that adds extra moisture to hair because trust me when I say that that will make your hair greasy. Let your hair air dry after shampooing. This might seem extensive but you will probably only need to wash your hair once a week. No I am not a hippie. I have just found that my hair has because extremely bouncy and shiny after I started going natural (I used to have limp frizzy hair). But anyway I hope this works well for you!