Is there a way to get my top curls as tight & curly as my bottom curls?

The bottom half of my hair is curlier & tighter than the top half of my hair. The bottom is like 3c & the top is like 3b. I'm sure you'll be able to tell in the pictures. I did notice that the curls are mostly straighter in the top half of the middle-back portion of my hair. (If that makes sense) the top half, front curls are pretty curly but still not as curly as the bottom half. Anyway, is there any way that I can get all of my curls like the bottom ones? I usually deep condition & do a coconut oil treatment once-twice a month. Would it help them to do it more often? I love all of my curls but I just like the bottom ones more so I'd be a happy camper if I could get all of them like that. Thanks in advance! 

1 Answer

I have heard that people who try the curly girl method have some success in their hair becoming tighter or more defined? That may help you get the top layers to tighten up a little.