Is there any way to get my hair as curly as my baby hair (the hair along the edges)?

I have a lot of baby hair on the sides of my head and on the back of my head and those hairs are exceptionally coily and they look really pretty. However, the rest of my hair is a curly/wavy look. Is there any way to get my hair to look like those baby hairs? Thanks!

2 Answers

If the rest of your hair is a completely different texture than your baby hairs, your waves/curls are probably damaged. How often do you use heat, silicones, and sulfate shampoos? Or, if you dye your hair then that might be a reason, too. Try a DIY gelatin protein treatment--here's how. 
No there is no way to get the rest of you r hair to look like your baby hair. Just like there is no way to have you baby hair look like the rest of your hair. Baby hair in reference to hair growth is called Vellus hair. These hairs act as an insulation & helps to regulate your bodies temperature. These hair tend to grow thicker (to the terminal stage in hair growth) as you get older from birth and some does not grow which give us the "baby hair" look. So Salyers its just apart of our hair growth stages. Its going to remain as such unless you chemical alter it. Which I hope you don't. Just embrace it and be happy.