What are ways to enhance my curls, all while making them healthier?

I have 2c hair I believe, but it is actually pretty thin, with lots of twists and curls all over. Sadly, my hair is oily in some parts, dry and frizzy in others, and the curls are weighted down in the back. I really really need advice for some products I can buy to enhance my curls and make them stronger, thanks

1 Answer

Every morning, flip your head upside-down, spray your hair with water or refresher spray, then scrunch it. My personal favorite is 2 tablespoons of gel and 2 tablespoons of detangler mixed in a 16 ounce spray bottle of water. I highly recommend the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus product line to other 2c/3a whirly girls. I have since moved on to slightly heavier products, but these worked absolutely great for me. I washed with the co-wash, detangler with the regular conditioner afterward (and rinsed it out), flipped my hair upside down, scrunched in the milk, plopped my hair in a Turbie-Twist, then scrunched in a few pea-sized amounts of the smoothie or the soufflé. If the ends got too dry, I'd scrunch in a little more of the milk.