Who can wear a head wrap?

Hi all, I am originally from Colombia and despite having some indigenous background, I look more Spanish/Greek/Southern European. I am not sure which hair type I have, to be honest, but I think I have at least 3 hair types on my head, including really frizzy, kinky curls that stick out from my temples. My hair has been a source of frustration my whole life and I just never developed the patience that is needed with my type of hair. Most of the days, I just put it up in a very unattractive bun or pony tail. It's also a source of low self-esteem. My question is, for the sake of being culturally sensitive, could I wear a head wrap to hide my hair? I don't want to wear a head wrap if I would offend anyone, a culture, or someone's ancestry. I would just love a new way to express myself and having tried wearing one at home, I feel that it really makes me a bit more confident. What are your takes on head wraps? Is there another style I could wear instead? I completely understand and respect if the general consensus is, "No! Don't wear one!" Thank you so much!! :)

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