What can I do if my scalp is naturally dry/produces minimal sebum?

my scalp has been dry my whole life.  Oiling is neither enough or it weighs my hair down.  Meaning, when I try to oil with any oil it is either not enough to help my scalp or it weighs my hair down.  Is there a way I can encourage sebum production in my scalp?  I'm starting to thing it is inhibiting hair growth. 

1 Answer

When you've tried the oil, are you putting it on all of your hair, or just your scalp? I also have a dry scalp (and dry skin in general, for that matter), and I've found that concentrating the oil on just my scalp, and taking several minutes to really massage the oil into my scalp, really makes a difference for me. If you're concentrating the oil just at the scalp, there shouldn't be enough oil to weigh your hair down. Another thing to consider is the type of oil you're using. I've found that olive oil doesn't really work well for my scalp, but coconut oil works better for me. Of all the oils I've tried so far, Jessicurl's stimulating scalp massage oil has worked the best for me. It's more expensive than just using a plain oil, so I only use it when I really need some extra help, like during the winter months.One more thing that might help... exfoliating the scalp. With the dryness, comes itching! When my scalp feels itchy, I like to make a little exfoliating recipe that is in the Curly Girl handbook. You just take some of your usual conditioner (I use my cheap conditioner that I use for co-washing) and mix in some brown sugar and massage it on your scalp in the shower, and then rinse it out real well. I was skeptical before I tried it the first time, but I was surprised at how much it helped me. Hope this helps!