What am I doing wrong

I am 15 and have 2B hair. My parents don't think it's true that it's healthy for you to wash you hair every other day. I take a shower at night. And I wash my hair and put conditional in it, comb it out, put I loose bun and let it sit. I wash it out sometimes with cold water. I get out towel dry it. Scrunch it. The. Put leave in conditioner in it. I put it in a loose low pony tail and I am off to bed. Sometimes it's really wet. I get up take it out and it's a little more than 2A and it's really frizzy... What am I doing worng?? 

3 Answers

You're putting it in a ponytail to dry, which is pulling your waves out. Try showering in the morning or early enough at night so that your hair is dry before you go to bed. Are you using any product with hold? You should try a mousse or gel to hold the curl as it dries. Also check out the curly girl method if you aren't using it. You can modify it if you need to, but it's great.
Yeah, you really need to put some styling product in it while it's soaking wet and let it dry loose. You can diffuse it to about 75% dry and then air dry the rest.
Add a little bit of a mouisturizing product and don't go to bed with your hair wet!