What are products and methods to style and get fizz free hair? Mine is 3b and 3c on the sides

1 Answer

first of all make sure you are NOT using any kind of shampoo- even if its sulfate free it will still most likely cause frizz. 2nd never use products with silicones. 3rd never use a towel to dry your hair. now for products I recommend organix Moroccan smooth perfection blow out cream first, it does a great job of hydrating hair & controlling frizz. next seal with an oil- I recommend olive oil but just make sure to only use a little bit depending on how much hair you have. lastly use a gel to hold and define your curls while locking out frizz. I recommend la bella lots of curls gel. its pink & I can get it from walmart for a dollar & some change & it comes in a HUGE bottle. It creates soft defined frizz free curls. I smooth all these products onto my hair in sections, starting with the Moroccan smooth perfection, then he oil & lastly the gel. after I have amoothed the gel onto all of my hair, I then scrunch all of my hair lightly with a cotton tee shirt & then just let it air dry & scrunch out any crunch once it is fully dry. if it  gets frizzy at all through out the day, I just smooth some of the shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl & style milk onto my hair & poof the frizz is gone & my hair looks soft & shiny! hope this helps!