What can I do about my sensitive and flakey scalp????

I've had my hair in braids for three weeks and I'm going to remove them soon. The thing I've noticed is, my scalp is really sensitive. I don't own coconut oil and I don't know if I can use olive oil, it'll be really hard to apply!! I've had to use petroleum oils and they really do not agree with me! I never use them otherwise and when I use them my hair is solo flakey after a few days. When my hairs curly I don't have this problem! Any good creams/oils? Without petroleum oil? Is extra virgin olive oil fine?

1 Answer

YOu can definitely use olive oil. It's a good conditioner. Try to avoid petroleum oils. Use plant-based oils if you can. When your hair was in braids, were you using shampoo? I wonder if you're reacting to something in your shampoo?