What can I do to repair my dry damaged 3a curly hair?

I have been straightening my thick curly hair every day for the past year, it was a mistake. D: Now my hair is dry, damaged, and has a lot of breakage. It has also thinned out, and isn't so thick and curly. I stopped heat styling all together and cut alot of the damage off, but wanted to know what more can I do to help repair my hair and get it back in healthy condition? Any advice is welcome. Thank you (:

3 Answers

Make sure ALL of the damage is off, and start a routine of deep conditioning. Do some research on the curly girl method to start a regimen that enhances your curls.
I like natural oils like jojoba or coconut.
I've had the same issue as you, and we have the same hair type. I stopped straightening my hair about 2 years ago (with the odd used of heat here and there, which I've stopped doing now). I had about 2 medium chops. I wasn't brave enough for a big one. But most of the splits and frays went after the first one, and the altered texture went with the second cut. Other than that I recommend a lot of moisture, some oils tend to make my hair a bit wiry so I just use a small amount at the ends as these are the really thirsty parts of my hair. Oh, and be gentle with it! Elastic hair bobbles always come out of my hair with an evil cracking sound and with broken hairs attached. I usually just used large clips, they don't change the texture of my hair either, so it lasts longer without a wash.(Sorry, I wrote this in the wrong part).