What is the difference between DevaCurl no poo and DevaCare no poo?

My hair is really damaged from all the heat and bad products so now 2/3 of my hair is falling out from the roots and it's also really dry and my 3B curls is not how it used to be, it has all different curls now and I can't style it. So I heard that using no poo will make your curls healthy and bouncy again. But what is the difference between DevaCURL no poo and DevaCARE no poo? And witch products will also be good for my hair? Please help, thanks you very much!!

1 Answer

If you hair is super damaged, you need to cut it off so the ends won't keep breaking. DevaCare is for color treated hair, so it's supposed to be more moisturizing. I would give that one a try if I were you. If you're honestly losing 2/3 of your hair, you need to see a doctor. In the mean time, do coconut or jojoba oil treatments on your scalp