What to do with headamaged hair?

Hi!Im 14 years old and have 3c/4c hair but the problem is when i was younger My mom put on perms and straightened My hair she brushed it too. Now My hair wont curl up especially on the back and it never gets thick. The hair on top is straight or wavy but before the heat damage it was kinky so what do i have to do to get rid of this?

2 Answers

Have you tried deep moisturizing treatments?Find a food moisturizer and apply it once a week. You might also want to apply jojoba extract at night then rinse it out in the morning. Stay away from heat and chemicals of course. 
Good morning Teencurly,Unfortunately, heat damage is irreversible. You can either cut it or transition. When transitioning heat damage, it is important to make sure you are cutting your hair at the rate that it grows. Whenever the hair is split (damaged), there is high potential for the damage to travel up the hair shaft, which means you may be sacrificing more length in the hopes of retaining it. What is my number one advice? Just cut it. Nothing feels better than a fresh trim and moisturized hair. Before straightening you always want to make sure the hair has been in good condition for a prolonged period of time. A good way to sustain your hair's health and decrease the potential for damage is by thoroughly cleansing the hair before straightening (not just co-washing), deep conditioning, using heat protectants, and not re-apply heat for touch ups. Everyone's hair responds differently to high temperatures but I do not suggest straightening on a monthly basis, as it is considered often. I hope this helps!